Monday, January 19, 2009

We had about 2-3 inches of snow today, so this was the first snow that amounted enough for Adam to play in it. He loved it. All day he was watching out the window yelling "Snow, Snow, Snow!" After he got up from his nap he was so happy that we took him out to play in it. Here are some pictures of him enjoying the snow.

If you have a good eye, did you notice anything interesting in the photo above. See picture below zoomed in...
...I have a flying dog.

Notice all the footprints. He walked all over the back yard, several time.

Here is a video clip of Adam very excited to see Peaches running or should I say flying around in the snow.

For the video below you will need to turn up your volume. I ask Adam if he is cold and he says "Cold". Then I ask him if he wants to go inside, to which he replies, "No!" 
I ended up having to make him go inside against his will. I'm sure when he wakes up tomorrow the first thing he will want to do is go play in the snow again.

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