Friday, June 19, 2009

Day at the Lake/Beach at Greenbrier

Today Adam and I met our group of other moms and 2-year-olds at Greenbrier to enjoy the beautiful lake and beach. Well there was one dad because one of our friends just had her 2nd baby and her husband was playing "Mr. Mom" this week with their 2-year-old while she was home with the newborn. We had such a great time and the kids loved it that we all decided to make this one of our regular outings. We already have plans to go next week. You can't beat $3 to go to the beach all day and it is only 15 minutes away. When we got there I knew exactly what would happen and it did happen. As soon as I put Adam in the sand he started yelling "EWWW EWWW EWWW!" He hates getting his feet dirty and this he thought was very very dirty. Luckily I brought us both beach chairs so he enjoyed sitting in those. Actually all the kids enjoyed sitting in them. I carried him down to the water and he got used to the feeling of the water and sand beneath his toes. He wasn't loving the sand on his feet, but he warmed up to it. He would stand in one place and dig with his big shovel in the sand. We put our beach chairs at the water line and he loved just sitting there with his toes in the water and relaxing. It was actually great because I could actually sit and relax at the beach without chasing him around. We both loved it. When he woke up from his nap this afternoon he said he wanted to go back to the beach. 

Here is Adam leery of stepping off the towel and into the sand:
Adam finally enjoying playing in the sand:
Adam and friends enjoying snack time:
The Boys catching some rays: 
All the kids having fun at the beach:
Adam and I had a great day surrounded by beautiful scenery and great friends:

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Busch Gardens and Water Country Vacation

We just got back from a fun and exciting vacation at Busch Gardens and Water Country in Williamsburg, Va. We had a blast. It is a little less than 4 hours from here and Adam did great in the car. We stayed 3 days and 2 nights. The first day we did Busch Gardens until 10 pm. Adam stayed up the whole time riding rides and loved it!!! He was not scared of anything. He is a little thrill seeker. The 2nd day we got up and did Water Country from 10am until 2:30pm. Water Country is a whole park of water rides, pools, water slides, a lazy river, and a wave pool. I could have stayed there forever. Adam had a blast again and loved jumping the waves in the wave pool. He went down some kiddie slides, we floated down the lazy river and Adam went down on a tube slide with me. After that we went back to the hotel to change and Adam took an hour nap and then it was off to Busch Gardens again. We rode rides until the park closed at 9pm. Adam didn't mind staying up late. The next day we checked out of the hotel and went to Busch Gardens until about 2pm and then came home. What a great little vacation. Here are some pics.

Here is Adam enjoying some rides by himself. He loved them all!

Here is Doug and Adam on some rides. The log ride was the closest thing to a roller coaster that Adam got on. The Oscar's Whirly ride was a pretty big kid ride for a 2 year old, but he got on it like 5 of 6 times and had a blast. The last pic in this series is when we went on the train, Adam loved that.
They have a new Sesame Place at Busch Gardens with big play areas, the Sesame characters, and about 6 rides. Adam had fun exploring that.

Here is Adam enjoying some more rides. Look how small he looks on the big ride with Doug.
Doug is all the way on the right and Adam is beside him. We weren't sure how he would like being strapped down on a ride and going this high, but he laughed and cheered the whole way.
Here is a pic of Adam riding late into the night:
They also had a river cruise that we went on and the captain let Adam push the boat horn. Adam thought that was the best.
Here is Adam and me in the wave pool at Water Country:
Here is Adam and Doug in the wave pool:

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The last few weeks in review

Okay it has been another busy few weeks. Here are some pics to sum it up.

The boys (Doug, my brother-in-law Gary, and Adam) decided to line up their cop cars:
We had several play dates. Here is Adam with Jenna at their friend Chase's house:
I went to my friend Mike from high school's wedding, sorry no pics. While we were there Adam went with my sister Sarah to my grandparents house to watch the Sharpsburg Parade: 

He has never missed the Sharpsburg parade, it was his first ever outing. Here he is at the same parade when he was 1 week old:
We attended my friend Christina's sister's wedding. Here is Christina and me with Adam and Christina's youngest boy Jack:
Doug and Adam decided to get a little crazy on the dance floor:
The bride and groom had an awesome car they rode in. Doug just had to snap a picture in front of this 1931 Model A Police Car:
It was a very long day without a nap and Adam decided to cuddle up with Mommy after they served dinner:
Last week Adam had his semester graduation from The Little Gym. Here he is getting his medal:
Here are all the kids in his class:
June 4th my Grandfather celebrated his 80th birthday!!! Happy Birthday Papa!! Here is a picture of my grandparents at his birthday dinner:

Doug has been suffering from a pain in his leg, and he decided last minute to run the Antietam Battlefield 10K (6.21 miles). Despite his injury he won 1st place. He finished in 35 minutes and 25 seconds. Here are some pics the Herald Mail newspaper took of him running:

Yesterday we decided to enjoy the nice weather and went with Shelby and her 2-year-old Jack to the pool. Here is Adam enjoying the pool:
After 2 hours it started to thunder so we went home. Good thing because it ended up being a bad storm. Check out the hail I took a picture of. It sounded like someone was pouring rocks on my house: