Friday, March 27, 2009

My baby is growing up!!

My little baby boy is growing up so fast. He will be 2 in a month and a half. I thought I would document some of the things he does, considering how much of a slacker I am at his baby book. I haven't written in it since we moved last May. 

• Counts to 14 (his favorite number is 12)
• Knows all his colors including white and black (his favorite color is purple)
• Recognizes the letters in the alphabet and will point them out when we are reading or when we are out on signs, or on peoples shirts, etc. He loves to watch wheel of fortune. He can say some of the alphabet, but still misses some letters throughout. (His favorite letters are "E" and "F")
• Knows his shapes (his favorite shapes are triangles and stars)
• Loves to sign songs. It is so neat how he remembers the lyrics. He even knows which songs are coming on next on one of his favorite CDs and will start singing it before it even comes on. He loves to watch American Idol and asks to watch it all the time. I told him Wednesday morning that it wasn't on until later and that it would come on and he could watch it right before he goes to bed. Well when nap time came and I was laying him down he starting crying for "Sing" (that is what he calls American Idol) He had remembered that I said he could watch it before bed. I had to explain that it came on before "night night", not before nap. Toddlers are smatter then we give them credit for.
• He picks his own breakfast. Every morning I ask him what he wants for breakfast and he tells me different things everyday. Sometimes it is rice crispies and milk, sometimes it is oatmeal and raisins, and sometimes it is cheerios, raisins and milk. He always eats an egg and a banana with whatever he picks.
• He loves to go outside, what toddler doesn't!!! He always wants to go and see Daddy's cop car and he says the cop car says "WOO WOO WOO"
• He loves to cuddle and I love it to. Every morning after breakfast we get on the couch and cuddle under our Redskins fleece blanket and watch cartoons for about and hour, sometimes less if we have someplace to go. What a mamma's boy.
• He know all of his animals and what sounds they make, he's known this for a while now, but I know I haven't recorded that in his baby book either.
• Is really talking in short sentences now. He puts words together most of the time. A few months ago if he wanted to put his shoes on he would just say "shoes", now he says, "Mama, shoes on"
• He will repeat anything you ask him to say, and things you don't ask him to say, that you would rather him not say. When Doug was watching the college basketball the other day one of the teams that he had down as wining in his bracket, was losing and he said "That sucks". Adam repeated it like 10 times in a row. We just redirected him to something else because we knew if we made a big deal about it, or even said no, he would just keep saying it to get a reaction.

I'm sure there is more, but that is all I have time for now. Sorry Adam, Mommy will try to keep up with your baby book. 

Yes I am pregnant!!!

Most of you already know, but for those that don't... I am pregnant. On Sunday I will be 3 months pregnant. We are really excited and have been ready for baby#2 for a while now. My blogs have been slacking because I have been soooo tired and have suffered from a lot of nausea (which is starting to get better!!!) Also, I have been very busy with my business, which is a good thing, since we can save up a little extra money so I can take a little time off when the baby
 comes. I probably won't take much time off knowing me, after I had Adam, the day I came home from the hospital I was e-mailing some of my clients and finishing up some last details on some projects. Well he was a surprise 3 weeks early so I wasn't really ready. I wonder if this one will come early? We will not be finding out what we are having with this one. We did with Adam, and it will be neat to see how it feels to wait until the birth. I still have a hard time believing I am pregnant, hopefully it will seem more real once I start feeling the baby kick. I felt Adam kick at 14 weeks, so that is just 2 weeks away!! Tonight I decided to get a snack of cheese and crackers and before I knew it I had a plate of cheese, crackers, hot pepper, pickle, broccoli and peppercorn ranch dressing. Yes I am pregnant, bring on the weird combinations of food.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Tough Guy!!

Adam got a t-shirt from our friends and even though it is a 3T and way too big, he insisted on wearing it and showing off his muscles and his tough guy look.

Percussion class

Adam has been taking a percussion class through the Maryland Symphony Orchestra for toddlers. He Loves it!!!! They have activities, singing, rhymes, and playing all kinds of percussion instruments. 

Playdate for 9

Sorry I haven't posted in a long time. I've been very busy. Here are some pics from a week ago of a playdate with Adam and his friends.