Thursday, January 29, 2009

Climbing In

Tonight while I was making dinner, Adam decided that he would help. Well more like go through my lazy susan and pull everything out. He couldn't reach everything so he decided to lean in a bit...
Then he leaned in a bit more...
And before I knew he was all the way in. He loves climbing into things.Very similar to what I caught him doing 2 months ago. And no I was not watching "SNOOP DOGG" that was just a commercial.
And what was Doug doing while we were making dinner? Well it was a cold night, ice still all over the roads and sidewalks from our ice storm we got yesterday. Figure it out yet? Running outside for an hour of course, what else would he be doing, lol!!!
He is training for the Mountain Marathon...1st prize is $1,000.
Yes, he is wearing spandex pants on under his running shorts. As my nieces say "Uncle Doug, you are wearing tights, ha ha ha!!!"

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Hot Cross Buns

As I was just laying Adam down for a nap I heard him rambling on and on in a singsong kind of tone. He takes a binky when he takes a nap, so I removed the binky so I could try to understand what he was saying. I heard him say "Hot Cra Bun, Hot Cra Bun, 1, 2". I realized he was singing one of the songs from a tape that my sister Erin gave us a couple weeks ago that we have been listening to in the car. He was singing "Hot Cross Buns". He even had the correct tune down. He does sing along with this song in the car when it comes on, so I know he can sing it. I was just amazed because we have not gone anywhere in the car today or yesterday, so he hasn't even heard it recently. Somehow it must have still been stuck in his head. I can't believe he remembered the words and the tune. The minds of toddlers amaze me everyday.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Adam's Little Gym Graduation

Today was Adam's graduation class at The Little Gym. He is now on to the next semester. Adam LOVES The Little Gym. I don't know what he would do without it. Its a great place for him to run, hang, climb, flip, roll, kick, throw, etc. where he can just run free without me telling him no. Although he now thinks he can hang off of everything at home like his highchair, dining room chairs, countertops, bed, my icemaker on my fridge (don't ask), basically anything that he can get his tiny little hands around. He also climbs on Everything at home. I am constantly pulling him off of things, so he is so excited to go to The Little Gym once a week where he can have an outlet for all this energy. Here are some picture from today.

Playing with the sticks...

Climbing up the stair mat to get to the balance beam...
Rolling and flipping...
More hanging...and even more hanging. Notice the face. He is not scared, he is just being his usual dramatic self with all the funny faces...
Climbing up to receive his medal...

Adam and me after he received his medal...

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Wall has a Boo Boo

I had some Christmas candles that got melted in the attic or in the move over the summer. I stuck them in a drawer figuring I would cut off the top part that was crooked and salvage them someday. 
Adam found them in the drawer without me knowing. I heard something banging on the wall. Assuming it was his drumstick I got up to stop him, when I noticed what he really had. 
By the time I got over to the wall I see that the red candlestick had made marks all over the wall. I scrubbed the wall and it doesn't come off. If anyone knows how to get red wax off a wall please let me know. Later I heard Adam saying, "Boo Boo, Boo Boo, Boo Boo". I went over to see where he had hurt himself, but he didn't hurt himself. I see him pointing to the wall. He thinks the wall has a boo boo. I guess he thinks the wall is bleeding. Too funny!

Monday, January 19, 2009

We had about 2-3 inches of snow today, so this was the first snow that amounted enough for Adam to play in it. He loved it. All day he was watching out the window yelling "Snow, Snow, Snow!" After he got up from his nap he was so happy that we took him out to play in it. Here are some pictures of him enjoying the snow.

If you have a good eye, did you notice anything interesting in the photo above. See picture below zoomed in...
...I have a flying dog.

Notice all the footprints. He walked all over the back yard, several time.

Here is a video clip of Adam very excited to see Peaches running or should I say flying around in the snow.

For the video below you will need to turn up your volume. I ask Adam if he is cold and he says "Cold". Then I ask him if he wants to go inside, to which he replies, "No!" 
I ended up having to make him go inside against his will. I'm sure when he wakes up tomorrow the first thing he will want to do is go play in the snow again.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Christmas '08

We had a great Christmas this year. Well I guess I should say last year. I am about a month behind here. Here are some pictures to recap our holiday.

This picture below is when Adam went to see Santa in the mall. Adam was more excited about Santa's dog then about Santa. He did say hi to Santa, and he gave him a hi-five, but he did not want to sit on Santa's lap. He loved to hear Santa say "Ho, Ho, Ho" because every time he sees Santa in a book or on TV he has to say "Ho, Ho, Ho". However, now when ever he sees anybody with a gray or white beard he starts saying "Ho, Ho, Ho". Yes I have been embarrassed everywhere from the auto mechanics, to Lowes, to Church, and to Wal-mart.

This next picture is Adam opening gifts that we got him.
He loves that he can be just like Daddy, with his police hat and gun.
He got a bike from Gram and Grandpa (my parents) and a helmet and knee pads from Grandma and Papa (my grandparents).

He got a drum set form Aunt Erin (My sister) and Uncle Aaron . He loves this, he plays it all the time. Thankfully it is surprisingly not that loud.

Nanny (Doug's mom) went a little overboard, as usual. Can you spot Adam amongst all the gifts?
Adam is starting to get tired from a full day of opening gifts.

He requested his binky and wanted to curl up on Grandpa's (My dad) lap. That is part of my mom on the side of the picture

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Baby Christmas Party '08

So this was a month ago, but I thought this would be fun to blog about. Doug and I decided to host a Christmas party for my friends who have babies who are the same age as Adam. 
Side note: These are a group of girls and their babies that I get together with several times a week for play dates, shopping, Little Gym, and various other activities. I'm sure you will see
many more posts with them in it. We have all met since we had the babies. I met some of them when Adam was about 5 months old.
There were 8 babies and 8 couples. There was mass chaos of toddlers running all over the place, but I was loving every moment of it... and so were they. Here are some pics from the

There was lots of yummy food...
and snacks...
Adam was being a ham as usual...

We decided to sit all the kids on the couch for a photo, this was the best we could get...
From left to right: Anna, Jenna, Adam, Adrianna, Sadie, Chase, Laura, and Jack

One by one they started jumping off the couch...

I can only imagine what parents of multiples go through to try and get a family photo.

We did a name exchange and all the kids got to open their gifts...
Adam got Handy Manny.

My First Blog

I finally decided to get a blog. I figured it would be a great way to document our lives and I'm sure we will find it interesting to look back on years from now. I've read a couple of my friends blogs...Christina, Jessi, and Mandy... and I always find them interesting. I'm not sure how interesting mine will be, but I'm sure it will be filled with lots of pictures of Adam. So just a quick recap to start you off. I have been married to Doug for 7 years now...December 15, 2001. 
We have a dog, Peaches, who is 5, and our precious little boy Adam who is 20 months old. 

I love being married to my best friend and I love being a mother. I am the middle child of 3 girls. I have a great, big, close-knit family and a great group of friends. I am truly blessed. I have my own freelance company doing graphic design, which gives me a chance to stay home with my son.