Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Hot Cross Buns

As I was just laying Adam down for a nap I heard him rambling on and on in a singsong kind of tone. He takes a binky when he takes a nap, so I removed the binky so I could try to understand what he was saying. I heard him say "Hot Cra Bun, Hot Cra Bun, 1, 2". I realized he was singing one of the songs from a tape that my sister Erin gave us a couple weeks ago that we have been listening to in the car. He was singing "Hot Cross Buns". He even had the correct tune down. He does sing along with this song in the car when it comes on, so I know he can sing it. I was just amazed because we have not gone anywhere in the car today or yesterday, so he hasn't even heard it recently. Somehow it must have still been stuck in his head. I can't believe he remembered the words and the tune. The minds of toddlers amaze me everyday.

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