Monday, May 18, 2009

It's a...

One of the first things Doug told me when I told him I was pregnant was that we were going to wait to find out what we were having. At first I wasn't sure that I wanted to wait, but then I thought it would be neat to see how it was to wait to find out. I was all set to wait until the birth. Then Doug said yesterday that he thought he might want to find out. It totally through me for a loop, but then he said he was just kidding. So today we went for the big ultrasound and on the way into the doctors office Doug said he thought he wanted to find out. We went into the room for the sonogram and we told the nurse we were thinking of finding out what it was. Well it didn't matter if we wanted to find out or not, because the baby decided it was best for us to know. Every time she would move the image the baby would turn over and open it's legs and show us. She asked if I could tell what it was and I said, "Oh Yes. Without a doubt, it's a boy". There it was, clear as day. It actually brought tears to my eyes. I was so excited that Adam will have a little brother and will get to have the same type of relationship that I have with my sisters. They will be 2 years apart and I'm sure will do everything together. Doug is already talking about how some high school will be lucky to have both boys on the cross country team together. It is now really sinking in that I am pregnant and it's so exciting. Here are some pics from the sonogram. I'm so in love with my new baby boy!!! We have finalized his name... Ryan William.

Hiding his face:
It's a Boy!
Another shot between the legs:
My little hippie giving the peace sign:
Look at those legs, so cute:

Happy 2nd Birthday Little Man!!!

May 16, 2007 Adam Douglas was born at 3:06 am. A tiny 5 lb 13 oz boy who surprised us 3 weeks early. My life was forever changed for the better and I love every moment of it. Here is a picture from his first day of life. Look how tiny he was. You can see his tiny foot sticking out of the blanket right below my wrist bands.
Here he is 2 years later on his 2nd birthday.
For his birthday dinner we took him to one of his favorite places to eat dinner, Super Buffet.
We had his birthday party on Sunday in our newly finished basement. We decided to down scale from the big party we had for his 1st birthday. We had just immediate family and his close friends that he plays with on a weekly basis, plus their parents. It still added up to a lot of people, but we had a great time!

It was a balloon theme. Here is the cake I made.
We sang happy birthday and he blew out his candles with the help of Mommy and Daddy.
He enjoyed the cake very much!
He loved all his presents.
I love my little 2 year old!
After his party we took him to Cici's for pizza and to play games in the game room. 

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Fun: Bowling, circus, carnival, Party & Zoo!

Adam will be 2 in a couple of days, and boy has he lived up his last month as a one-year-old. Below I have attached pictures of all the fun he has had. Aunt Erin took him bowling for the first time, he went to the circus for the first time, he played a Cello in his music class, he went to a family kids carnival and rode a horse, he has gone to some cook-outs and parties, we tried out a new indoor play place with all his friends (I don't have pics of this, I'll post some when I get them from friends), he got his birthday gift early - his very own cop car, and today we went to the zoo. This is all in addition to his usual play dates, trips to the park, weekly Little Gym class and weekly music class. 

Our group at the circus:

Adam with his cousins Bella and Jasmine at the circus:

Adam and his friends at the circus:

My little music man, he loves his music class:

He loved riding the horsie:

Adam helping Granny push her "toy". He thought her walker was a push toy like he has.

Adam sitting in Uncle Gee's Cop Car. Check out my little super trooper:

Adam in his very own cop car. Check out his little radio in his right hand, his laser gun in his left hand and his police hat on his head. He is all set to lock up some bad guys just like Daddy does.

Adam and his cousin Bella on the Metro on the way to the zoo. Adam was so excited to ride the train.

Adam and all his friends getting ready to check out the zoo.

The kids and the mommas.

Check out the chimps walking the tightrope that went over our heads, it was amazing.