Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Caving and fun

We have been so busy in July. We have gone to picnics, parties, had playdates, birthday parties, gone swimming, caving, camping (separate post about that) and Adam even went to the movies for the first time. 
Here are some pics of Adam caving. We know the owner of Crystal Grottoes Cavern in Boonsboro, so he let us go through it. Doug, Adam and I went with my parents and a few others. He loved it. He enjoyed walking through the tunnels and being underground.

Here is a pic of Adam and his buddy Aiden at the movies. They didn't last through the whole thing, but they had fun eating popcorn and watching part of it. The movie theater plays free movies for kids a few times during the week in the summer so we decided we would try it with a group of our friends. Some of the other kids actually made it through the whole movie.

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