Friday, February 13, 2009

Night, Night!!

Adam has been in his big boy bed for several months now, so I figured I would snap a few pics. Every night when he goes to bed Peaches likes to sleep at the end of the bed until Adam falls asleep. Here is Adam showing how he goes to bed.
Here is Adam closing his eyes, pretending to be sleeping for the camera.Here is Adam trying not to laugh as he is faking sleeping.
I thought it would be neat to look back to a year ago and compare Adam sleeping. I found a picture from last February, exactly a year ago of Adam sleeping. Love the butt in the air!!!
As I was looking for the picture I came across a picture from last March of Adam and Doug taking a nap together. This is such a funny picture. They were actually both really asleep, out cold, and they were sleeping the exact same way. I remember going in to check on Adam and almost peeing my pants laughing. I ran and got my camera and knew it would be priceless. Don't ask me how they can sleep with their arm over their face like that, but I guess "Like Father, Like Son!"

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LoveLladro said...

picture of Doug and Adam sleeping... too cute for words!